Hi Marae Stay – well done for the bold move in starting your own business. It seems like a great concept that could interest a lot of people and a lot of marae’s if you can bring them more business.

Your marketing has two challenges – bringing on board more supply, the marae’s that can be booked. And, bringing travelers to the site. You’ll need a certain amount of critical mass of marae’s so that when you ramp up your consumer marketing, their will be choice.

In terms of the supply of bookable marae’s, suggest the best way to do this is to individually contact the marae’s to tell them of your offering. Have you prepared any marketing materials you can send to them? With the additional staff starting shortly, suggest you call each marae, and then find out the best person in each marae to contact. Consider then sending a personalised email to each person with a follow up call to the nominated person.

Then, it will be time to focus on generating traveler demand. Facebook and Instagram are the obvious places to share the stories of each of the marae’s available. There are a number of travel Facebook groups that have been created since Covid, and you should consider putting posts on these sites. Examples include:

– Travel Locally – http://www.facebook.com/groups/travellocallynz – Over 30k members
– NZ Travel Tips – http://www.facebook.com/nztraveltips
– Chooice – http://www.facebook.com/groups/Chooice (brought to you by Manaaki)

Reach out to the local regional tourism organisations where your marae’s are located, to see if you can list on their websites and be available for co-marketing opportunities.

Stuff Travel are highlighting numerous small travel opportunities around the country. Offer their reports a free stay, in return for a write-up. They are always eager for new content.

Also, NewZealand.com is the official website from Tourism NZ. Tourism NZ has recently pivoted to promoting domestic marketing, so you definitely want to get a listing here, and it’s free! You can sign up here: account.newzealand.com/user/register

Well done, and good luck. Seems like you are on to a winner. Be patient, though, as it will take a bit of time. But good things come to those who persevere.