Reply To: Kia ora! I am wanting some tips as i am wanting to launch an online course for people to get a head start in the event styling hire industry however i’m not 100% sure how this business model works or how i should go about this business model. I want to offer as much value as possible!! I have some modules i know i want to teach, am still working on the content, am still working on target market and still need to conduct market validation… what steps should i be taking to make sure this course is effective and valuable to the end user …


Kia ora. hope you don’t mind me reaching out, but I’ve recently launched my online educational platform that enables live one-on-one mentoring/teaching, so perhaps could be an option for you as you don’t need to create lots of video content like other learning platforms. You could teach to anyone in the world, so could also be a way of testing the market for demand, and try out what works in terms of content etc?

Take a look at http://www.mentorwolf.com & feel free to reach out to me at help@mentorwolf.com if you have any queries. All the best 🙂