Reply To: When business is still pretty fresh and there is no guaranteed income …just hope… How do I start paying myself? In a previous”business” I never paid myself but this time around I’m turning a profit and want to start paying myself something even if just small. Just want to make sure I’m doing that by the book.It won’t be a salary as such as turnover is not super high /consistent yet.Do I start on a commission based model maybe?For context : I’m a Sustainable Stylist and offer personal wardrobe styling services, personal shopping services and I resell preloved clothing ( both on consignment from Clients and items I’ve sourced secondhand)


Hi Darren. Thanks, mate! It is a bit blurry when turning the side hustle into a real thing so your advice is super helpful. I got a business bank account sussed part way through this financial year. And yes, rolling as a sole trader.

Thank you for taking the time to give your advice here. I appreciate it immensely.