Reply To: Hi there, I have a fledgling company here in Dunedin, thatproduces hand crafted high quality tools for trail building, landscaping,building, pest tree removal, concrete/asphalt laying and life style blockmaintenance.I have beenmaking trail tools for 15 years and started the business 5 years ago. It’sgoing ok but I would like it to be better. I am an engineer so my skills arelacking in marketing and business.I’m lookingto find a marketing person/ business coach to help me crank up sales to achievemore of the potential of my work and registered designs for 2 of the WMCproducts.I have Facebook,Instagram and a website… albeit basic as it’s run by an engineer, me. Thanks inadvance for your helpGarethHargreaves 


Good stuff Gareth. Thanks for the feedback. Tenacity is a key ingredient when you’ve got a great product and low awareness. We’ve seen clients chip away for a couple of years and then really crack it and ramp up.

Hire centres may be another opportunity. For my project I could have done with a barrow like yours to do my path but it was a two day project by hand and the job is done so the barrow is not something I’d probably not splash out on to buy but might consider hiring. I did consider a tracked barrow / dumper like I’d seen on MTB trails in Taupo but it was a bit pricey to hire for a small DIY project. Your barrow might fit a middle ground.