Reply To: Hi there, I have a fledgling company here in Dunedin, thatproduces hand crafted high quality tools for trail building, landscaping,building, pest tree removal, concrete/asphalt laying and life style blockmaintenance.I have beenmaking trail tools for 15 years and started the business 5 years ago. It’sgoing ok but I would like it to be better. I am an engineer so my skills arelacking in marketing and business.I’m lookingto find a marketing person/ business coach to help me crank up sales to achievemore of the potential of my work and registered designs for 2 of the WMCproducts.I have Facebook,Instagram and a website… albeit basic as it’s run by an engineer, me. Thanks inadvance for your helpGarethHargreaves 


Thanks Rebecca, i’ll get the link looked at. I’ll be in touch soon.
Grant, nice thinking on the hire centre, we have a couple here in Dunedin. I’ll try hitting them up soon. The WheeledBeast came from a need to haul gravel on mtb tracks at Whare Flat. we’ve moved about 10t of gravel and it’s been a game changer.