Reply To: I need help with Marketing. I do social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram in groups and on my business pages. Not many sales come from this. I also have a website. I get visitors but not many sales. I don’t want to spend money on adds as that has not worked either. Very stuck.


Kia ora Puawai. With your social media marketing, are you directing people to your website?
Often the social media marketing does the job of getting people to your website. This is called traffic.
Your website then needs to do the job of motivating people on your site to buy. This is called conversion.
There are a number of different tactics to ensure that your social media is targeting the RIGHT people to go to your website.
There are also a number of tactics to ensure that your website is doing the RIGHT things to get people to buy.
Check out this video from our team for examples improving conversion on a website – https://youtu.be/EuCr_qZ0KTc

Nga mihi, Shay