Reply To: How can I produce my sauce on a larger scale so that I can distribute nationwide?I am council registered and sell food to the public via preorder for take away, once a week.  Based on the feedback and reviews received, the sauce we pour over our food and supply on its own, is very sought after across NZ and in AU. We would like to bring our costs down and increase our sauce sales. Kia ora 


Congratulations on a successful sauce! I agree with Ian you should look at the Food Bowl to potentially scale your production. You could also look at contract manufacturing your product. There are lots of great facilities in NZ that do this and as your product is shelf stable it is relatively easily for you to do in job lots. I would contact McFoodies who can put you in touch with a number of companies and they can also help through the process. I might also be able to help you please email me at maree.glading@gmail.com with more details.
Good Luck!