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Hi there, I have a small start up in the coffee industry that is doing home delivery of coffee beans from the top roasters around New Zealand. We offer a tour of New Zealand’s coffee with a different coffee bean delivered each week. (Www.beanmerchant.co.nz) I have been looking at our target audience, and trying to target them through Facebook ads. We have had mild success with clicks through to our website, and more with likes to our Facebook page, but none of these are resulting in sales. We are wondering how we can streamline our website to make things clearer and easier for people, and also access the clientele that have the expendable income to pay for freshly roasted coffee. We are looking at expanding into machines in the near future and working with more and more roasters, but need the customer base subscribed going forward to be able to work with them. Any support would be appreciated.

Question submitted 26/07/20 @ 07:45am
Industry: Food & Beverage
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    Nice idea! There are advisors with plenty more digital experience than me, but let me give you some more general marketing feedback that might help;
    – I love the idea of a tour of top coffee roasters, and when I put Bean Merchant up your ad pops and away we go
    – As a consumer I would love to see more imagery and gorgeous coffee and growing shots on your website. It is quite white and clinical which isn’t what I was expecting. Colour and imagery and bringing your story out in images on the home page could make the experience more inviting to consumers
    – only two roasters at the moment – to fulfill the ‘tour’ promise it feels as if you need quite a few more!
    – the flavour selection progress is lovely…makes navigating the choices easy and feels personalised. The link to shop could have the actual product you recommend pop up so shoppers can click on it to buy straight away to remove a step from the process
    – Opening offer – maybe offer a discount for the first time some one buys, or a discount off the second order to get people over the hurdle of their first order
    – Then we are into optomising your digital advertising. Lots of posts on this topic and hope a digital specialist advisor will jump in and add some expertise….

    Good luck, Vicky

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