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Any chance someone could do a quick check of the website design I’ve drafted, so I know if I’m on the right track for what I want to do, please? Would ideally love any recommendations as well, if possible. Cheers and take care!

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  • Kia ora Anna,

    Would be happy to review your website design. Let me know where I might be able to view it.

    Ngā mihi – D

    I’ll leave this one to the Web dev experts 🙂

    Cheers @david-kelly,

    My draft (so far) and some supporting files can be found here:


    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Cheers and take care,


    Kia ora Anna,

    Just to confirm, I’m reviewing the Google Slides presentation for what looks like a website plan, rather than what I’d call a design.

    It’s great to see that you’ve put together a detailed plan for your website. The vast majority of people we see do not have have a fraction of this prepared.  You have done really well!

    Generally, it looks good. Here are a few additional thoughts:

    * It’s good that you’ve put together an explainer video. In addition to the video, I think it always important to have a very short, punchy and informative ”unique value proposition’ as the first thing the customer sees on the homepage. This is just one sentence that sums up your what you do and why this is important for the customer. This could sit next to your video and/or should be incorporated into the video thumbnail etc.

    * You’ve listed ‘dropdowns’ on the homepage. That’s fine if you’re meaning that for the main menu. But in addition to this you should add content for several things on the homepage, each of them short and to the point:
    * * the key benefits – (These should not be features or what you do), it’s far more effective if you highlight the benefits to your customer’s or their children’s life.
    * * Use the homepage as a ‘hub’ with imagery and content to direct people to the most important content throughout the site.

    * Don’t forget to include trust points and social proof, throughout the site, especially on the homepage e.g. testimonials, awards, recognised partners, accreditations, case studies etc.

    * For key pages, put together the content first (all the text and images if possible), then design around the content. As long as you provide good content, the layout and design of the page should be pretty straight forward from there for any good website designer.

    Cheers – D

    Thanks for your time and consdieration, @david-kelly. I’ll take that on board as I move forward.

    Cheers and take care!


    Your welcome Anna! 🙂

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