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any tools for content creation or free courses to engage our customer online and a way to do e commerce or u tube  sales 

Question submitted 13/05/20 @ 08:54pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Hi there, there is a new Facebook group called ‘Boost with Facebook Aotearoa NZ’ where we are putting out free trainings every week, you will definitely find some help with customer engagement there 🙂 As far as content is concerned once you have decided on your target audience, try splitting your content in to four or five ‘buckets’ or categories, and then brainstorm ideas for each one. So one of your categories might be ‘behind the scenes’ and one could be ‘brand values’. Once you’ve brainstormed ideas for each bucket, use something like Creator Studio which is a free content management tool from Facebook to schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts. I hope something in there is helpful, good luck!

    Also, lots of cool and easy to use apps to create content (depending on what your communication goals are).

    Canva.com is great for all sorts of marketing templates.
    Instagram has Hyperlapse, Boomerang and Layout – all standalone apps for content creation on your phone.
    Videoshop is good for video edits.
    Stopmotion studio is a good one for simple, interesting stop motion videos.

    Do you have an ecommerce website to drive sell through?

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