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Are there a companies that will specialise in ecommerce, from warehousing, distribution, marketing etc? 😊

Question submitted 19/09/20 @ 05:53am
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  • Hi there – so in each category there will be e.g. marketing (will have a bunch of agencies that help you market your ecom), distribution (courier companies) and warehousing (a bunch of storage companies) – and then the different eCommerce sites like Shopify, WooCommerce, Swiftly and so many more – maybe give us a bit more about what you are thinking to see if we can help focus down a bit, Andy

    Hi There

    I’m not aware of any one stop shops in this regard. As per the advice from Andy you’d likely need to put together a team of specialists in different areas.

    There are company’s that provide warehousing and distribution as a service for ecommerce businesses that don’t have their own warehousing. The term to search for is 3rd party logistics or 3PL.

    Many ecommerce platforms will have a way to connect to 3PL systems. For example our Rocketspark ecommerce platform integrates with TradeGecko which has a way to get the order data to the 3PL company automatically.

    It’s also worth checking out systems like GoSweetSpot for managing the deliveries and they may connect with 3PL providers.

    I hope that helps.

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