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Are there templates or advise for getting a marketing strategy put together. We have built new software, although very confident in our digital experience we need help reaching out to consumers via marketing.

Question submitted 14/07/20 @ 08:54am
Industry: Business Growth
  • There are numerous templates out there but every product/service will be very different. There are different target markets, consumers, partnership opportunities and ways to dive into social media etc. In order to develop a plan we would need some more detail – always happy to help so please reach out with more details if you like: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickjrowland/

    I would echo Nick’s comments above…big differences between B2B and consumer customers…look forward to more detail!

    Hi Nick, thank you so much.
    I need to target business to get them on board and I need to also target users who will use the business. But without either I have little conviction. The businesses want to see users and the user wants to see businesses.

    We are on social media and it seems to be growing ok but it’s not really converting into business.

    Hi Sara,

    Classic case of supply v demand by the sounds – always a balancing act. Depending on the industry you are working within there could be different ways of approaching this – remember there is never an easy solution here.

    There are definitely things you can do from a marketing perspective but this can require big budgets to get the right result – sometimes the long game is best and to get this right organic growth might be a way forward. Word of mouth is powerful as well.

    I see you have connected on LinkedIn so happy to jump on a call and chat through!


    Thank you

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