Question :
As a massage therapist- what sales can i list on my page? all my services and products?

Question submitted 22/09/20 @ 06:20am
Industry: Wellbeing
  • Hi, I assume you’re meaning your webpage that markets what you offer? If so, then yes I would list all of your services and products available as you want the best chance of converting any viewer of your page, to a sale. Your website will have meta data behind the content visible to the end-user, so also make sure that the visible content and meta data uses popular search words so that search engines pick up and index your page in search results. There is an intricate science involved with search engine marketing, so if you’d like more information about that I suggest posting in the digital marketing forum.
    Hope this helps!

    Hi, Would be good to understand a little more of what services and products you have and then who you are targeting. This will influence how you place them on your page and how they are described for potential clients to make a decision. If you have a link to your current page, fire it through. Cheers JT

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