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As a photographer, how can I keep sales up if I cant go out?

Question submitted 29/03/20 @ 11:22am
Industry: Creative Services
  • Mōrena – clearly you can’t go outside –

    Have you checked out what Creative NZ have to say?

    Also you might want to connect with WeCreate, the Industry group for the creative sector


    And of course, apply for the govt wage subsidy which applies for contractors.

    As well as that, I’ve heard of other photographers getting the work listed onto Getty etc; spending this time at home to get their online portfolio as tuned up as they can.

    I know this isn’t much, but hope it helps in some way

    This may be a great time to build your community around you, so that when we can all go out again, you are ready and top of mind. Do you have a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, etc? If not, great time to start this up. If you do, great time to use your content to inspire people, to give them hope, to think about life after when we are out of lock down. If you stay top of mind, in an empathetic way, they will come to you when they have a need. Also, can you pivot your business to offer any online courses, tips, etc?

    I agree with Leslie, the is the time to focus on building your audience online and showcasing your work, so that when business returns to somewhat normal, you have more people (and their friends) to offer your services to. It’s also a good time to look at who you can collaborate with, team up with other businesses and see how you can raise each others profiles to create more sales in the coming months as we move out of lock down. Fantastic that you are in a visual business so you will have lots of wonderful pictures to share, don’t forget to build engagement by asking questions on your posts and telling the stories of your images so people can really get a feel for who you are. You’ll be shooting again in no time!

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