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As leaders/owners we are all working hard to keep our businesses going, while also doing all we can to look after our team – but what are we doing to look after ourselves when there is a lot of pressure/ stress?

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    Often we talk to owners/ leaders about focusing on three things – Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading the Business.

    Unless you focus on the ‘Self’ element the other two can suffer significantly.

    I am sure others will share resources and links but here is something I have heard a number of good things about – free seminar for 90 minutes focused on introducing you to knowledge, principles, and frameworks to help you manage your stress and think accurately through this economic downturn. Delivered by someone who has a good reputation.



    Another option is the work of Jo @ Rise and Shine Group, and their 4 Pillars of Self, which forms the foundation of self-care and self-management, therefore self-leadership.

    – Physical (influenced by exercise, diet and sleep/rest) – tools include: planned rest periods, down-devices before sleep; creating regular habits etc.
    – Mental (influenced by balance between activity and pause, focus and creativity, etc.) – tools include: mindfulness, mediation, hour of power, scheduling activity tips, reflection exercises etc.
    – Emotional (influenced by awareness, interactions and choices about what we spend time on, and who we spend time with) – tools include: connection with nature, relationship management, gratitude journals etc.
    – Internal (influenced by purpose, alignment with values etc.) – tool include: goal setting, purpose statements, knowing values you hold and how different situations align with these etc.

    In workshopping these, Jo introduces these through the concept of “batteries”. Like a mobile phone or tablet, there are activities that charge or deplete them their energy. We need to observe and monitor our devices for them to perform the right things at the right time, and likewise we need to do that for ourselves. We often have multiple ways or locations that we charge our devices (home, work, car, powerbank etc.) depending on what is appropriate for the situation. Sometimes it is short burst and others a long full-charge.

    You’ll find more here – https://riseandshinegroup.co.nz/the-four-pillars/

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