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As one of those guys who has hit middle age ,60 , I wonder how best toa come to grips with and learn about digital and social media . Where can I find this or do I find a smart young person to assist 

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  • Hi Ohope Dude…its never too late to learn a new trick or two.
    I am not sure if you are keen to learn for interest sake or to apply to a business challenge, but either way a few ideas on how to kick off;
    – are you using platforms at the moment? If not, sign up and get started! Ask a family member or friend to talk you through as a start. Then have a noodle around and get to know the different platforms
    – then read! Jump online and read as much as you can about the platforms, their context, controversy, strengths and challenges
    – then if you want to go deeper/more detail and perhaps get into using for business purposes have a think about how you best learn – do you like to read and then try for yourself, do you like to listen to some one teaching you, or sit side by side and try for yourself. Once you are clear on your learning style then seek out the learning resources that work for you. Each of the platforms offers their own learning resources, you can reach out to one one of the agencies that specialise in this space such as Socialites. Example of online information available https://blog.hootsuite.com/facebook-marketing-tips/


    Hi there!
    Our friend is based in Tauranga and been approved to host & hold Seminars in regards to advertising & social media training. Feel free to contact COLLAB DIGITAL for more info you may like to attend an online webinar and learn some new tricks. All the best

    All free of charge due to covid also

    Thank you


    I used to work for Hootsuite, a social media platform and they have a number of fantastic (often free) resources. Try these to get started:

    Kia Ora Ohope Dude – Great question and great feedback.

    You can also consider these free resources too:

    – Senior Net – seniornet.co.nz
    – Boost for Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/groups/boost.newzealand

    Have fun!

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