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As we all look to cut costs, are any of the tech platforms like Xero, Vend, Slack etc offering any discounts?

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  • Not sure about Slack and Vend. There was this recent article about Xero in the Herald https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12324316 but worth checking with them directly. If you’ve got Office 365 then Teams comes bundled in as an alternative to Slack.

    Considering Xero’s participation in the parlimentary discussion. We could politely lobby Xero to introduce discounts for SMEs, if they do it, then others will follow. Be keen to see if the Manaaki community agrees. If so, we can get this moving fast. JC

    It depends on the level of relationship/billing you have to an extent. I think you’ll find some enterprise SaaS vendors willing to negotiate something (in return for another typically – like a re-sign and extension). If you’re on small business rates, it may not hurt to ask, especially if you have severe hardship. I think you’ll find the vendors willing to give if asked, but not necessarily proactively offer it to everyone.


    From a pure cost and feature point of view for small business, we landed on Zoho for CRM and Teamwork for project management and Chat/IM. Both function well and subscriptions are in line with small business realities.


    Thanks this is quite telling. Many of these platforms hold your data to ransom if you unsubscribe – xero being one of them. The least they could do is allow you to unsubscribe for a period and then pick up again when you can guarantee some certainty of earnings

    Kia ora everyone – thought I’d jump in here.


    As I’m sure you can appreciate, this is a real balancing act for us. We’ve had to consider the impact of our decisions on our ability to not compromise the quality and continuity of service to all our customers now (ie always-on availability of their financial records), and in the future. So, while we’d love to directly help impacted businesses more, we need to think about the potential impact on our ability to provide a service and to be fair to all of our customers – not just a few.
    We now serve more than two million customers around the world and our commitment is to reinvest the bulk of our revenue to build out our platform in support of these customers and to help small businesses globally.


    What we are doing though, is trying to support in other ways. These include our our dedicated Customer Response Team (CRT) which provides guidance on a case-by-case basis, and the Xero Assistance Programme (XAP) which offers more than 850,000 Kiwis with access to free and confidential mental health counselling and resources. The video below has more info about XAP anyone interested, as does the blog below which outlines some further initiatives we have in play.





    New initiatives to support our customers and community during COVID-19


    Hope this helps provide a bit of context.

    Hi there, Louisa Currie from Redhead Digital created this fantastic blog post about companies and apps offering discounts and financial relief – hopefully there is something helpful in here for you 🙂

    List Of Popular Apps Offering COVID-19 Relief To NZ Businesses

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