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Can you advise if my idea to create a website online shopping will work?  To link multiple companies’ websites and get a little commission if the buyer went through our company website?What kind of agreement should I put in place for the companies’ who will agree to link in to our company website please?Thank you.

Question submitted 18/06/20 @ 10:34am
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    Hi Victoria – the ‘concept’ of this is a good one – if you work, your mahi leads to an organisation getting a sale then normally they should not mind paying a commission. You need to find a way to get the organisations to agree to this and then think about how you get proof of this.

    The highest profile exemplar of this is Ali-Express which has an affiliate / shop model where the intermediaries can get a finder’s fee.

    So biggest challenge for you is ‘the tech’ and ‘proof’ – how you prove that you caused the sale.

    To start with, I might just think about doing this manually, if that is possible, get agreement from a few businesses, create an ‘online form’ for buying, and then you might be able to prove the orders come/came from you to claim your commission?


    Hi… I like this idea too. Think about starting with some businesses in a niche perhaps, something that you love so your enthusiasm will help you execute on it. And do a bunch of research on the ideas like yours that are already out there and see if there is something missing in these which you could do better or differently. User experience is super important… and have a wee google about for the legal agreement you’ll need. There are lots of law firms that provide simple templates eg Simmonds Stewart and Zegal. Best of luck, S

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