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Charlies Electrical Ltd are doing sub contract work on the North and South Island. Most of our work was in Auckland. We have a very experienced Industrial Electrical team. Most of the sub contract work that we were doing were in the commercial field before Covid 19. We were trying our best to secure work for our electricians, without success. All the big companies that we are usually working with, are not taking on sub contractors at this stage. Most of our work force are from South Africa. They are in New Zealand on work visas. They need to stay in their current job to be able to apply for residency.  Needless to say that their stress levels are through the roof. At this stage they are still getting paid with the help of the work subsidy. We would not be able to keep these payments up if we do not have the work subsidy. We are eligible to apply for the extended wage subsidy. Any ideas on how we go about to secure jobs for our guys?  Everybody that we contact say that they can only take on sub contractors in 8 to 12 weeks time if not longer. We ran out of ideas!

Question submitted 20/05/20 @ 08:40am
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    Morena – could you offer to undertake ‘free’ or ‘discounted’ audits of facilities for your clients or main contractors where you go in and do a proactive review of the sites for customers. Some sort of ‘audit’ of facilities? Would that provide some ‘value’ that could lead to some work? What about talking to other electricians and seeing if you could ‘partner’ where they have excess demand to just keeping the work ticking over?

    The extension of the wage subsidy for 2 months will help – but that does not change the need to get out there – the simplest (and it sounds pretty stupid for me to say this) is to either make the work by creating a need or going where the work is – the latter is about just thinking ‘who is busy’ and how can we partner with them. The former is about doing something that creates the work, when a customer or client did not think they needed the work done.

    Good luck.


    Thank you very much!! We will definitely make use of your suggestions.

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