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Ciao a tutti :) g’day Kia Ora,We are Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana. 4 years in a raw winner of best pizza in Auckland by Metro magazine and on the 5th year best in NZ by 5 Stagioni Italia. Coincidentally we operate in 5 locations in Auckland 1Ponsonby Central2Takapuna3Browns Bay4Queen’s Rise5Eastridgedantes.co.nzour question/request Once we go to level 3 we’d like to offer Italian lunches and dinners to executives who work from home because of our spread out more than any other Italian Eatery in Auckland we can cover a larger area of orders. Say for example ASB or PWC, BNZ or Deloitte people who work from home can order their lunch and/or dinner from Dante’s in one of sour locations. To cut to the chase we would like someone who can spread the word in these type of corporate businesses so their working from home force can know to order from Dante’s. My name is Enis Bacovamy email: enis@dantes.co.nzmy mobile: 0210740551please get in touch thank You enis bacova

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  • Morena Enis – just thinking there, maybe there is the ability to get / target people on social to me your ‘workforce’ and virutal deliverers who can use their networks to get you into those corporate organisations and/or people – kind of word of mouth, and they can some benefit back – not sure about commission, but maybe free pizza for a month [you know I will be in, as Dante’s is the best pizza!] – there is something in the virality here where you can get staff member or family members of staff members to promote the idea into the Banks, Deloitte types for you. Just an idea. Cioa Bella!

    Building on Andy’s point – many of them may not have full teams back in the office so being creative around striking deals for those both at work and home – one of the best ways into any organisation is via the reception or PA/EA’s as they have the database and also know what typically works or not for the teams… so maybe jump on the phone and let your fingers do the walking. As Andy suggested, reward with PizzaPay! CC

    I agree with Andy and Craig. Corporates are always keen to show that they are thinking of their workforce and offering a benefit. So give some thought to how best to position an offer of pizza delivery in a way that makes the corporates look good.Reach out to corporates as Craig suggests and find who is able to send a company wide email along the lines of ‘Hi Team. We’ve teamed up with Dante’s Pizza, rated Auckland;s best pizzas, to bring you pizzas to your door. Not only are they great pizzas but, we’ve negotiated a company discount of X, so god for your pocket, too! If you want to place an order, simply (order instructions etc.).

    Hi Enis a further build on Andy and Craig’s posts – consider using Linkedin to identify and target PAs and EAs around the areas where you work. You could connect and also post an offer…. I am sure there are lots of teams who will be looking for small wins and thank yous at the moment and a pizza lunch ticks that box. Good luck

    Hi Enis,

    We are a NZ business helping hospitality businesses move online so that they can offer contactless delivery and curbside pick up. We have introduced a smaller offer – $39 per month and 3%. Here are the details https://mobi2go.com/fast-tracked-digital-ordering

    Morena. For a fast, easy & zero commission online ordering system, checkout https://onlinerestaurant.co.nz

    These guys are a NZ business that are super committed to helping NZ restaurants and cafes get online. You can be online in less than a day. They help you with everything. Starting at $60+GST per month, there are no commissions unlike other providers like UberEats & Mobi2Go.

    Pick-up. Delivery. Facebook Shop. Order ahead.

    Totally worth checking out.

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