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Client Contracts for Business Services

We have started a business consultant and project execution company (post lock down due to redundancy) and its starting to take off. We need to have our clients sign a contract which includes releasing some liability, confidentiality etc. I have the basis for some of it but I am not a lawyer by any means.
As a start up we are trying to be very careful with minimal money to invest but know how critical this piece is to our integrity and clients peace of mind – as well as keeping us all legally safe.
Any advice on ways to do this that wouldn’t include huge lawyers fees would be much appreciated.
Our current clients are incredible and we have access to a lot of company sensitive information, as we are dealing with owners, GM’s, directors etc
Thank you 🙂

Question submitted 04/08/20 @ 09:38am
Industry: Legal
  • Hi Kate

    We have a free services agreement at https://kindrik.co.nz/templates/services-agreement/, which should pretty much be suitable for your services. One point to look at in the template is that new IP developed in the course of any project is owned by the client, although you would have the right to continue to use any general know-how developed. This should be ok if you are providing consulting services, however if you are a software or web developer you might want to flip the IP ownership around so that you own new IP.

    I’m also happy to have a chat about any questions you have on the template, my contact details are at https://kindrik.co.nz/team/averill-dickson/.



    Hi Averill,

    Thank you very much, and sorry for the delayed response, been a bit hectic with the business starting and level 3 happening again.

    We are having a look at this now and will reach out if we have any further questions.


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