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Creating content for brands marketing

Brand marketing has changed immensely. Businesses are now considering to opt for contents within their marketing schemes which allows them to address to the masses more effectively. Not just that, it enables the viewers a chance to understand the brand and form positive impressions as well. As a Wikipedia page creator it is up to you to research on the given brand and write on it from a neutral perspective. Which will further influence viewers to shift into potential customers from simply being audience. How effective do you think it is to opt for content in order to raise brand awareness?

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    Kia ora Bella

    I would say content can be used more effectively for brand engagement than pure awareness.

    There is no doubt content can play a role in most marketing mixes these days. What sort of content and on which channels depends very much on the brand, the audience it serves and the goal. You mention reaching the ‘masses’.

    I would suggest that many businesses don’t need to reach large quantities of ‘eyeballs’, rather engage a smaller tribe of loyal fans who will buy from them often.

    For more on this perspective, check out Kevin Kelly’s article on 1,000 true fans. There is a summary on youtube https://youtu.be/FZ4u8IK_McQ

    Just as businesses are successful because they solve problems, content should be valuable to the audience. If you are looking at including regular content in your mix, it can be rewarding.

    First, I would ask yourself why? What information can I share that my audience doesn’t yet have access to and how will it make their lives better?

    I can flick you a template to help with this if you like?

    All the best.
    Ngā mihi



    Hey Bella – this is a good and deep question, as I have had to think about it and reflect for a few days.

    So, a couple reflections – many businesses are looking for reach into markets, and they are looking for exposure and/or attention – which you could call brand building. The ‘strategy’ off this approach is that they will be able to ‘convert’ this interest into business, sometimes directly linked or indirectly over time.

    Your question made me think about a time when I was running a retail business, and I knew I had an awareness issue on my street – no-one really knew about us, so I got a sign made, with a provocative and amusing catchline, it was big and bold and I put it out on the back of our retail ute on a main alterial road a couple Ks away where 25,000 cars a day travelled down. This was content creation or messaging if you like, and my hope was that either directly a driver would come into the store as a result or would tell someone to – there was a CTA (call to action) that was time bound and I tried to id new people coming into the store over the next month to see if the sign had any impact or was the reason. I failed to get accurate measurement, but my sales did go up the month after.

    I would think that ‘content’ for content sake could be brand building, but if it does not lead to actual sales, what is the point? Whether directly or indirectly – surely you can spend other time and resources focused on activities that will actually help the business.

    It also may depend if your target market recognises their problem/situation or it is a hidden one that needs to be drawn out – when content creation can be a way of doing this – causing a trigger.

    Everything should have a purpose, everything with reason should be measured and tested, and we should always be iterating, reviewing and assessing in the tools we use to generate business.

    Good luck – I don’t think I really answered your question that well.

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