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Do adwords help? What are the pitfalls and traps to look out for? We have a small manufacturing company in Auckland and find we get a few website enquiries but want to generate more.

Question submitted 14/05/20 @ 12:30pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Hi Eamar, it would be a bit hard to tell without knowing what you’re manufacturing. Are you looking for 2B customer or 2C? AdWords have some usefulness if you’re doing it right. It would be worth your time to checkout the words and similar keywords in Google trend. Also would be great to know whether you’re aiming for local or international market. J

    Jerry, Adwords will help if you fulfil a few criteria
    1 – you KNOW who bought your products in the past. e.g. Geography, types of people and what they searched for online before buying
    2 – if you have online ecommerce that makes it easier for you to fulfil but it’s not required.

    I have just set up Adwords for a client who sells B2B and takes orders by email or phone (not ecommerce) and he gets good enquiries.

    Also, it’s not the only marketing that he is doing – but it is a new activity since Covid for his business.

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