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Do businesses need signage or is it something you do fine without?ThanksIsaac & Annie

Question submitted 03/07/20 @ 01:21pm
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    Thanks for reaching out Isaac and Annie. That’s a really interesting question. There is no right or wrong answer. A lot will depend on the nature of your business, the location, the purpose of the physical outlet, your customers, etc.

    Do you have a retail outlet or is your physical space for for manufacture, distribution and warehousing? Do customers come in to your premise?

    Are you in a high traffic area where you will benefit from more brand presence?

    Given you are in the signage business, assume signs are an important part of your brand manifestation.

    Perhaps you can provide more context to your question.



    Agree with comments from @leslie-preston and would add a few more.

    I would be quite definitive that business needs signage…but what that means differs depending on the business context. At it’s most basic, signage is a navigation tool ‘this way’, and tool for rules ‘stop’. in a more complex context it’s a way finding tool, pointing your customers and stakeholders in certain directions to encourage them to interact and engage with you in certain ways.

    Again given you are a physical signage company there are some wonderful stories you can tell to your potential customers about these benefits…if that is the direction you are thinking….

    Either way, do tell us more about how we can help and the guidance you are looking for.


    Thanks Leslie & Vicky for the points you added, the reason I’m asking this question is to better establish our target customer persona.

    Neon signs are most effective in low light situations. For any business having a high traffic location means more impressions on your sign, this is important because the sign communicates what you do. The more people who recognise this the more opportunities that will come your way. Illuminated signs are most important for hospitality businesses because evenings are their most important hours. Illuminated signs can make sense for any business in a high traffic locations because they provide brand awareness for the business and its location. Signs last 8 years. You have already committed to a lease signage will help you turn those pasting cars into an advertising opportunity.

    If you can improve communication with clear messaging on your signs. Upgrading what looks like a perfectly good sign may result in more walkins or less confusion (if any is created by the existing signs)

    Have you noticed this when a dominos pizza open a new shop it’s conveniently across the street from the pizza place you have been going for the last 5 years or a bunnings pops up next to mitre 10. This is because signs stick in our memories as landmarks making you more memorable those are strategic moves by the big player to steal existing customers from those well established locations.

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