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During Lockdown we have started an online Fitness business called Limitless – it is an online Athletic Strength & Conditioning Programme. We are both coaches and PT’s and recognising even coming out of this crisis – business is going to be extremely tough and very changed so want to build an online platform to reach a wider audience and one that can access our coaching without need for a gym. We are testing the concept for the next 4 weeks just using instagram and you tube content. We now need to build a website over the next 4 weeks and wondered if you could point us in the right direction of a company that can help us get this off the ground – one that might understand the type of content we will create and the industry we are in. Thankyou so much. Leanne Prichard

Question submitted 11/05/20 @ 01:16pm
Industry: Wellbeing
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    Hi Leanne. Good stuff. I am familiar with what it is you are trying to do, have gone through the process myself and happy to have a chat. I am not available today (Monday 11th), but ok tomorrow and Thursday. There are several 3rd party applications that can be embedded into a website without too much hassle and would be straight forward for website developers. Check out the 1000’s free website initiative https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/ and also take a look at Visual Coaching Pro https://www.visualcoaching.com/ before calling me, if you decide you would like to chat. 027 4877 987. Cheers JT

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