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Earlier this year I started a business with a product that we sell to the healthcare/disability sector in NZ.The product has been validated in NZ, and it’s NZ made and designed. We’re looking to launch the product in offshore markets soon.A few people are asking me what my long term strategy is. E,g, build up the business up and sell in a few years time, or keep business long term. I don’t really know at this early stage. I think knowing my long term plan will ultimately help plan IP protection, marketing/sales strategies etc.Does anyone out there have experience in this department that I could talk to over a drink?

Question submitted 09/10/20 @ 08:18am
Industry: Start-ups
  • Hi

    The answer to your question on exit strategy by outsider will depend on who is asking the question. If investors are asking then it is logical since they want to know their exist route.

    But other than investors the answer to this question will really evolve over the time in the life span of the product and strategy. Let me know if you feel you need more info.

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