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EDUCATION / TECHNOLOGY / WORKPLACE SKILLSHow can I let businesses and communities know that there are FREE workplace training courses available?  I can write bespoke curriculum to align with business values/goals.I run a training business in Auckland (but also have online solutions), and lost my training contract due to covid.   I have teaching/life coaching/workplace assessor skills and a portfolio of courses to support staff and management.  I have access to govt funding under the literacy scheme.  Topics include cv writing, budgeting, life coaching, health & safety, wellbeing, health literacy, communication, team leadership, cultural diversity, child care, healthy eating etc.   Businesses seem focussed on gearing up since lockdown – fair enough! but education will help with engagement and build confidence/skills.I also have a question about investment options:  I am busy building a prototype to address the digital divide & literary/numeracy skills deficit. 1 in 4 people are below the literacy line in NZ.  First to market – how do I sell it?

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    Good morning, if you lived in a small town, you would go to the Post Office or the Butchers and you would pin something up on the Notice Board and you might feed the local ‘chatterer’ who would let other people in the community know what you were doing – and the word of mouth would get out there.

    In the ‘digital’ world, the concepts are the same – if you don’t tell people, if you don’t ‘travel’ to where the people are – and if you don’t tell these people what you have that they may want to buy or experience, no one will know – normally what people do is first hustle to find customers who use your service, then if they have a great experience they can be ‘one channel’ to tell your market, as a referral source. Their word of mouth can create ‘ripples’ of impact – which is a good start.

    Then you still need to build a ‘digital shop front’ that details your services for your market, and you can build content about you and your services and then start posting this into the digital world to help people find you and come to the site. Once they start coming, then if you have a way to engage with them, hopefully you can convert some of them.

    On investment, most investors are pretty risk averse right now – naturally and given the risks/challenges of doing a start, their expectation will be for a big return, which this business might not be – it maybe a good business, but maybe just think about the investor return, but also what can you first prove without investment – the best form of success are customers, revenue and engagement without investment – many people say, “i can’t build the product without money” and I say “find another way” as raising investment on just an idea is not really feasible for most.

    All the best. Andy


    Thank you for your reply, given me alot of food for thought. Appreciate it!

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