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EveningI am having trouble with getting back links for my website and only 4 of my keywords are ranking.  Any help would be much appreciated Thanks so much

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  • HI there – awesome, me thinks we might need a bit more detail from you to help and/or provide some guidance – could you tell us a bit more please, Andy


    Lots of ways to get good backlinks. Some examples:

    Directy submissions
    Guest posting
    Creating linkable content and sharing via social etc
    Find businesses that may benefit from linking to you, pick up the phone and ask.
    Enter competitions

    There are so many ways, they are just time-consuming and you will not see the benefit for months. Probably one of the best people to follow in this field is Brian Dean from Backlinko.

    Hope this helps.


    Hi there

    Links to your website from credible and relevant sources certainly help your search rankings but as Richard says they are a lot of work.

    To get ranking for those specific keywords I’d recommend looking at producing some well optimised blog posts that contain the keywords or related phrases that people are searching for.

    As an example, I co-founded an online pet store, http://www.pureandwholesome.co.nz. One of our product ranges was a brand called Nature’s miracle. Big retailers also sold this brand. We produced landing pages and blog content related to Nature’s Miracle. When I searched today for ‘Nature’s Miracle NZ’ Pure and Wholesome was in 4th spot behind some big NZ retail players.

    We realised that due to the big range people were not sure which product to choose so we wrote a blog about how to choose which Nature’s Miracle product to use. If you search for phrases such as ‘Which Natures Miracle product’ Pure and Wholesome comes up with the blog post in first place and even out ranks the Nature’s Miracle brand site.

    I hope that helps.

    Kind regards


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