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Good morning, would love advice on sourcing clothing and apparel from China via Alibaba.com, for branding and sale on my soon to be launched ecommerce platform please. Thank you

Question submitted 22/07/20 @ 07:04am
Industry: Start-ups
  • Morning .. This is not as easy journey, it can be a lot better to work with trusted suppliers on the ground in China (this is about time, trust and connection.) Alibaba have high freight costs and long delays to get stock NZ, these can negate the cost of doing the the business on this site. Finding someone on the ground in China that can liase with the suppliers on the AB site, accept the delivery locally, check quality and then send to you ( NZ POST ) makes for a more cost effective and timely option.

    Kia Ora Annah, Thank you! for your prompt and informative reply. If I could just drop in here and quickly say that I subscribed to your LinkedIn posts for a number of years so will admit to feeling quite priviledged to have someone of your considerable experience and expertise answering my query.

    I am at a stage now where I am seeking potential suppliers and to be honest, after watching a few YouTube tutorials I was beginning to think that this process was a lot more straightforward and with a quicker turnaround than I previously thought. Albeit, quite a bit overwhelming with the sheer volume of potential business partners. Are there any actual pros to using the AB site at all from a startup perspective? I’ve seen their assurances of ‘Gold Plus Supplier’ and ‘Trade Assurance” certified manufacturers. Do these hold any actual weight with regards to the quality that one would expect to receive?

    Kia ora ..
    Happy to talk more on email with you, I will see what I can find out re the type of supplier
    on AB from the team we work with in China

    Thank you Annah, Most appreciated

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