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Greetings, we operate an ice cream truck in the sunny Hawkes Bay.  Aiming to open in Alert level 2, we have a major concern over contact tracing. As our customers are predominantly children, how do we ensure they are providing us contact details safely? If we take orders online or by phone contract tracing is not an issue, however the bulk of the payments we receive from children is by cash. We have already worked out how to use cash safely, that is the easy part.We plan to leave hand sanitiser on a table for customers to use prior to collecting their order and a visitor book for contact details. How do we ensure customers are sanitising their hands without hovering over them? How do we ensure customers are completing the visitor book with their correct details without physically checking each time? If we use a visitor book, how do we protect children’s privacy?  If there is an adult with a child, are just the parents details all we require? We are concerned about the potential dangers of: Customers handling pens and the visitor book with out sanitising.Not collecting the correct details of each customer.The privacy of each customer (particularly children where there may be a custody issue or restraining order in place), The extra time spent on each customer and whether we need to increase our prices to cover this?Any advise would be fantastic thank you. 

Question submitted 04/05/20 @ 07:30pm
Industry: Food & Beverage
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    Wow Mr Candy’s those are some very thoughtful and considered questions with no easy answers. Collecting information from children is particularly fraught and you will need some guidance from a legal perspective. At the same time, you don’t want a system so complex you can’t serve customers in a timely manner or give them the happy ice cream buying experience you want to deliver.

    This might sound like a bit of a cop out but maybe contact MBIE for guidance, or even talk to some one like Maccas or Restaurant Brands (their key contacts are on Linkedin so you could message them there) about how they plan to cope with kids in store at the same level. They are bound to have given these questions some consideration and I hope in the current environment can be generous with sharing their thinking.

    Hope those tips help and well done on your thoughtful approach. Nice to hear people taking the next stage seriously.


    Greetings Vicky, thank you most kindly. You have given me a couple of great ideas to pursue.

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