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Head Held High is an Auckland based speech and drama company. We were teaching over 700 students each week in 17 Auckland schools and venues. We are committed to building the confidence, communication skills and creativity of young New Zealanders. Our lessons occur once a week, are small group tuition and are for primary, intermediate and secondary school students. It is an extra curricular activity that can occur during school or after school time and parents pay for this. Since Covid we have pivoted our business to teach our students online via Zoom. Our teaching team are incredible and the online lessons have been a huge success. We have an opportunity to market our online lessons nationwide, which is super exciting for us. We would love some help with how to use paid social media to create adverts and generate more leads.  We’ve created an advert to go into school newsletters nationwide so we are onto that but would like to support this with social media marketing and don’t know how to best go about this. Thank you so much!!!www.headheldhigh.co.nz

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    Hey there. Love this and congratulations firstly! This is so cool what you’ve done and how you’ve pivoted to digital delivery. High-fives to you and your team.

    We created https://afterclass.live to help promote experiences like this and to make sure parents & educators had the best experience whilst connecting and collaborating remotely.

    Afterclass was built using our https://pave.world platform that has been designed for social learning & helping providers such as yourself scale your impact & education. We have seen some providers over the last couple of weeks who have scaled too quickly without having solid systems & processes in place and the outcome wasn’t good. Loss of trust from clients/customers & a negative brand impact.

    Would love to chat further and see where we can help!


    Hi there!

    That’s so exciting to hear you’ve found great success online and the new markets that can open up for you. Check out Nanogirl as another awesome example of an in-person kids event that has successfully pivoted on line. https://www.facebook.com/nanogirllabs/?ref=br_rs

    Facebook advertising always takes a bit of testing and learning to nail the formula but here are some recommendations. If some of the language I’m using is unfamiliar, Facebook has a great help section with some online learning here: https://www.facebook.com/business/marketing/facebook

    Also if this is a skill you don’t have the will or time to learn then there will be a lot of freelancers looking for work around so you could search or ask on Linkedin, or send me an email at claire@theclassroom.co.nz and I can help you track one down.

    I can see that you have the Facebook Pixel already installed on your website which is going to help with measurement, creating retargeting audiences and creating campaigns that are trying to find enrolments.

    I’d recommend using ads manager (as opposed to just boosting posts) because you can run different audiences at the same time, and test different images in the same campaign so you can learn what’s working for you.

    There are 3 main components of an ads manager campaign:

    1. Choose an objective – you’d probably start with ‘website traffic’ as your objective and FB will try and find people likely to click through.

    2. Audiences: Try a broad parent target, and also a lookalike audience of your current customers or website traffic. (a lookalike is an audience you can create in ads manager finding people who are similar to your current customers).

    3. Creative – This is made up of image/video and copy.
    You can test different messages and motivations to parents here eg/. Does your child lack confidence? VS Give your child essential tools for the future VS Access the BEST tutors in the country etc.
    Also, does a great still VS a video example vs a picture of the Zoom learning perform better for you?

    You could try using a testimonial in your copy also.

    You could also try targeting rural areas with a message about how parents can now access this amazing course for their children online.

    So yes, you’ll have to test your ideal audience and the message that is driving the best results but it’s a really cost effective platform to build awareness and consideration for your courses.


    Just adding to the already great feedback above, it could be worth considering how you can use the current environment to tell your story through unpaid avenues as well. Media are looking for content at the moment particularly on the impacts of Covid across many sectors and increasingly there is a place for stories that demonstrate the country / business community is moving forward to ‘revive mode’. If you have students who are willing to be interviewed or give comment and you would feel comfortable putting yourself in front of media it could be a great way for you to achieve editorial in relevant shows / online platforms etc. You could search out industry titles eg Education Gazette or go wider to the more mainstream titles. Please get in touch with me on mihi@gracepr.co.nz if you want to discuss further we can assist you if you need help or just give you a few tips so you can tackle it yourselves. Good luck! It’s a great initiative and well done for changing so quickly under these circumstances!


    Claire’s advice about FB ads is spot on, also consider how your audience (your super fans!) can support you in your growth. Share with them by email so they are invested in your journey and you’ll be surprised how readily they’ll share your story. You could also offer them a discount code for next term when a friend signs up (since they can be anywhere in the country). Make sure to get some Facebook reviews from those fans while you’re at it, and use them as social proof through your social media content. Exciting times ahead!

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