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Hello, I am a jeweller/artist and I’m looking for advice about websites. Currently I have a site through wordpress. I want a site that displays a portfolio of my past/present work and works for sale. I have only recently gone ‘full time’ jeweller, and most website hosts charge a monthly fee which I’m worried  I can’t yet afford. Is it better to have a website built from scratch one that I own? Or try and find the best host amongst the myriad of options? I’m finding it really difficult to edit my wordpress site and it doesn’t appear to be the best for selling. Greatful for any advice! Thanks.

Question submitted 08/05/20 @ 12:07pm
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    In my opinion it’s always best to have a website you own, especially if you’re going to potentially blog about your product. There are a ton of free website builders like WIX or Squarespace that are never really free because nothing is, you pay as you need more functionality with your site like adding quality images or videos, and even then with these free website builders, its a learning curve so you may as well put your learning curve efforts into your very own online asset, your website.

    You control it, you own whats on it meaning your content epsecially if you write unique content for your customers to consume. With free website builders, once you end your paying relationship with them, you lose your content and any comments or follows you may have grown during that time. Yes you can copy and paste, but who can be bothered with that.

    Wordpress is great! lots of major business websites are built on wordpress but in order to get a high quality finished product meaning your website, that you’re wanting, dont go the free wordpress version route (if thats the case).

    Invest in a high quality “page builder” which is compatible with wordpress, there are literally tons!

    Definitely check out this page:


    These will cost between $49 and $69USD. Absolutely 100% worth the investment.

    Yes there is learning curve to complete, but in the longterm, its such a valueable essential skill set to have today when you are trying to market your business ONLINE in 2020.

    The end results are stunning! It’s specifically “drag and drop” functionality so once you conquer the basics, you can create something quite amazing and you will not need to pay anybody
    to update or add anything you want to the site. You can do that yourself.

    It wont happen overnight, it will take some time to learn. The alternative is to hire someone else to install it for you and create what visually and functionality it is, that you want.

    Choose a good hosting provider, I know we are doing “support local” but I find NZ Hosting providers expensive. Its your decision I just wouldnt get a shared hosting account.

    Make sure your site when finished, loads FAST. If it’s slow, people will leave and Google does not favour (in terms of ranking your website) slow loading websites.

    All the best 🙂

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