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Hello, I am driving instructor in Central Auckland.  I was in complete lockdown till today.Would like to know how I can reach out to potential  new customers.I have already announced my availability on my driving school fb page n reach out to customer who stopped due to lockdown. Thanks in advance 

Question submitted 14/05/20 @ 05:03pm
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    Great that you are using Facebook. I would consider boosting the post as I know Facebook algorithms can limit reach if it is an unpaid post. I would not invest more than $50 which would get you considerable reach. The key thing would be to target. When you think about who uses you could you describe the majority demographic in terms of age, location etc? Also make sure you post has an image with it.

    Secondly, do you have a list of e-mail addresses from foamier clients? I would definitely send a note out as I know e-mail (despite spam) can get read with the right subject line and if you are known to them. Also to entice interest is there an offer you could put together?
    – If you haven’t already could you create a “goldilocks” approach to your pricing to get people to select multiple lessons with you? If not could you offer a several packages with (1) light (2) medium (3) large options with multiple lessons and a sliding discount or value add scale i.e. a free road code if they chose the biggest package
    – think of the Rule of 3 when you communicate see the Youtube video for how this works https://youtu.be/Byl8uRkxxGo

    Good luck with your comms



    Find a way to communicate where the people who want to learn – I would think with this last period there must have been a bunch of kids who turned 16 who want to get their learners and then go to their provisional – see if you can find how to communicate into this group. Good luck.


    Following on from these suggestions, if you have email addresses of former clients, you can set up a Look A Like audience on Facebook and Facebook will target similar people to your existing clients with an ad, and then you can refer them to your own Facebook page. This is a good way to target.

    Also, you may want to see if you can get your name out to the various AA offices and VTNZ offices when people go in to sign up for their learner’s license. Perhaps you can leave brochures or a business card to your ideal target market.

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