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Hello. I am starting a life coaching business for the second iteration. I have engaged a freelancer to develop a brand and landing page, but am unsure of the best ways to generate leads. I have been coaching clients based on word of mouth and obtained through a closed learning community. I am including an offer of introductory sessions and hoping this plus word of mouth referrals and testimonials will help me build. My dilemma is about how to market. Do I use a Facebook page, website, both? I don’t want to waste money. Previously I had a website (10 years ago) that was professionally designed and it didn’t generate a single lead. How should I proceed?

Question submitted 16/06/20 @ 08:58am
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • I would think about this: (1) define your sweet spot target market (2) identify where they are, where they go (3) target them e.g. if they are business people, try Linked In etc

    The key starts with having clarity on who is your target market, do some interviews with people to understand more about your target, and ask them where they go for inspiration, ideas, that might give you some insights around where you need to advertise and/or promote – which might be as simple as using Linked In to post and comment or it might be through joining Facebook Groups etc.


    Thanks Adam. I’m a member of a group of like minded people on facebook, but think that the linkedin approach is good. I also think that I need to have some type of web landing page to direct people to.

    *Andrew. Apologies 🙂

    All good!

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