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Hello, I was referred to Manaaki through my friend Tammy. Im currently trading in between incubator and growth starting and I need help with Social Media. Ecomm / Content Creation / Launching Campaigns. I offer hr team building mentoring coaching sales facilitation training. Thanks Matt

Question submitted 06/05/20 @ 07:41am
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    Hi Matt. The first piece of work you need to do is identify who you want your customers to be. Are they corporates? small business owners? not for profits? Narrow it down as much as you can and nail down exactly what problems you’re solving for them, what solutions they are using at the moment, how much they are likely to spend to solve these problems, etc. Then work out how your offering is different and better than whatever they are currently using. If you can’t do this, then stop there and rethink your ideal customer and your offering. Keep chipping away at this customer-value proposition combination until you have a really solid desirable business case. In your head, anyway. Then talk to a few of these likely customers and find out if your assumptions are actually true. Write down everything they tell you and you will have massive amounts of content for how to talk about your unique offering. This will form the content for your social, email newsletters, blog articles, videos and your website.

    Then you have to figure out how you will actually deliver this offering, and make money in the process! But that’s another discussion for another day.

    Good luck and stay safe.



    Hi there
    Great advice above from Matt. I’d also add that another piece of work you need to do is consider and clarify your business values – this links into the CVP that Matt spoke about above, but it’s also foundational to your business success and integrity as you continue to grow. Any content and marketing you produce should be based on these values, and the values themselves can serve as great inspiration for content ie. proof points to your WHY.

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