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Hello, it looks like i will need to close my business down and i am very stressed. Where can i turn for support?

Question submitted 22/04/20 @ 08:14pm
Industry: Wellbeing
  • Kia Ora, that sounds very tough. Have you had independent advice as to how your business could potentially survive? I am guessing you have already to talked to your bank?

    Not knowing any specifics about your situation, I can assure you that feeling personally resourced will help you face whatever challenges lie ahead. That means decent sleep, food and exercise for starters. Giving yourself permission to feel the overwhelm, and reflecting on what you need. For now, I would ask you what YOU need with regards to support/care? I am happy to call you to lend an ear. My support is of a personal nature but there are many business experts here that will be able to offer advice if we knew a little more about your situation. Even writing it down can help with clarity regarding what you are facing and the most priority things to tackle. You sound like you are facing that ‘Do I let it go or do I fight?’ dilemma. Even if you are on your own in your situation, you are not alone. You WILL get through this one way or another. I encourage you to believe that and back yourself. You are doing the best you can. One thing at a time – this is the time to chunk things down into manageable bites. I also encourage you to meditate – the single best stress management strategy there is. Headspace is a good app but there are many. Loads of love at this time. I wish I had a magic wand! Please contact me if you would like a support call. Amanda Fleming

    Hi there – I am very sorry about that, on the business side of things, can we do anything to help – maybe get one of the finance experts to give you a 2nd view of the options? If you would like that – please email me at @manaaki.io">andy.hamilton@manaaki.io and I will follow-up – regards Andy

    There are many wonderful business experts on this site who could offer you suggestions and directions as to the business side of potential closure. On the more emotional side of the stress surrounding , there a few key factors to build in to your current life style to help you through. Connection with others is highly recommended ,allowing your self a space to let some of that stress de stress, ie exercise, well balanced food profile, sleep hygiene , apps like Calm or Headspace. These both offer meditations of numerous kinds, variety of meditational and relaxing music, soundscapes, sleep aids, motivational tools and stress reduction . The stress we can feel in our lives can manifest in many different ways, and those feeling a very real. A one to one chat could be helpful and if this would be beneficial please let me know. Warmest wises, strength and courage to you.

    Morena – I am sitting here, wondering how you are going? Andy

    Hi there,
    There’s some great advice on this thread. One of the tools I use in my leadership & wellbeing consulting is my training as yoga & meditation teacher. I write contextualised meditations to help people in business to process stress, anxiety, the inner critic and emotions that take us into our parasympathetic nervous system (our ‘fight and flight’ mode). I’d be happy to send you one to aid with calm as you work through this time with some of the other experts who have offered their financial/business services. If you’d like this please get in touch.

    Feel free to reach out, “looks like your about to lose your business” means your not there yet, so feel free to reach to talk to anyone of us who are available. I lost my first business many years ago and was a very painful experience but I thank God for a second chance at business and looking forward to helping others, so don’t hesitate to get in touch, its better to reach out and get some help 🙂 One of the businesses that has me really inspired at the moment is BBM Motivation, their doing a great job in helping Maori and Pacific fight obesity but also inspired by Dave Letele’s testimony as a trainer helping folks to be positive in tough situations and how he’s bringing BBM through COVID, keeping it running, keeping it going

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