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Hello Manaaki team! I’ve a children’s hairdressing business located in day nurseries. We are closed due to Covid19. I can show parents how to maintain their children’s hair safely, whilst in lock down. I keep seeing horror stories online! Also I can train regular hair stylists whilst we are in lock down, then offer them to work for TotsCrops brand when we are allowed to go back to work. How do I make myself heard on line? Any advice to be so appreciated. Peace & Love Debbie 

Question submitted 30/04/20 @ 08:42am
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  • Hi Debbie,

    A great and free place to start is Facebook groups – find and join parents and Mums groups and offer the safety training and there might be some hair stylist groups too?

    Work your networks! Get them to share posts from your Facebook page.

    You can boost posts offering trainings to people with the the job titles hair stylists and interested in hairdressing etc too. It’s cost effective – only costs about $10 to reach 1000 people so you if you have some spare dollars give that go.

    Eye catching imagery or even a vide of you cutting a kids hair and very clear copy in the first sentence (eg/ Learn how to cut childrens hair!”) is the best way to be seen and understood in a busy newsfeed.

    Good luck!

    Hi Debbie,
    it’s a really tough position to be in at this time. But you have unearthed an issue which will be affecting most households up and down NZ.
    One solution is to shoot a few short (60 – 90 sec) hairdressing tutorials on a variety of topics, and to create usable hacks for parents struggling with this problem.
    This could be done cost-effectively. You could shoot them on your phone and post them online to Facebook / Instagram.
    Do you have a database of your current clients? If so, this is another avenue to explore and share these clips.
    NZhairdressing.org.nz is the national body – perhaps get in contact with them and ask how they could help support your message.
    Wish you all the best.

    An alternative is to offer a “live” zoom call to guide each parent through how to cut the kids hair while watching them do it…! Set up a payment gateway and a small charge for your time…

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