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Hello Mark & Myself run a small team of 3. We are a sign-writing & Monogramming, Clothing Business. We have not advertised in the past relying on word of mouth which has worked well for us over the past. However with more & more businesses getting upto date with new marketing platforms. We don’t want to be left behind. We employ a marketing business to do mailchimp mailouts for us and look after our facebook & website. Because we aren’t platform savvy. But it costs us a-lot and with the Covid downturn we simply can’t afford to keep using that company. I would really like to know what are the best platforms we should be on. Is there any training on-line etc on those platforms.Regards Alana

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    Kia ora Alana.

    I know Manaaki has partnered with Swiftly to offer 1,000 free websites – and you would’ve heard that the govt has included eCommerce enablement as one of its budget 2020 items. I would however check that you’re not throwing babies out with bath water here though…

    You say you have a website and are using Mailchimp and social media. If you have a good relationship with your website and marketing provider(s) maybe it’s worth a chat first to see how you can bring those costs down. Would they be willing to let you do some of the grunt work to take some hours out of it? Would they be willing to train you up to do this? Other advisors here can probably point you at some specific training materials – there’s oodles of material online.

    If you need to look at new platforms then check out the Manaaki/Swiftly 1000 free site offer. Take a look at Shopify and Magento (well suited if you have standard product lines to sell).

    Happy to chat in person if you want to look me up through LinkedIn.



    Peter makes a good point about talking through your above challenge with your supplier. Do you have a thought on what you can afford and asked them scope out what they could do based on this? I would also be asking/checking what measures you have in place for this activity and how you tie it directly to sales. If you tied their performance to sales generated would that be a better model for both of you. If you win they win? It could be looking at what % of your marketing budget was to turnover and use this ratio as a starting point.

    Secondly what offers can you give you to get people to invest that there is benefit to them? There is a local clothing store I often shop at and during lockdown they came out with an offer of purchase $250/500 and get a $500/1000 voucher to spend. I bet they are also using this opportunity to up-sell when their clients are in store.

    Finally, in terms of taking it over for yourself, there are a few things to ensure you can articulate well (1) who is your target market? – normally 80% of revenue will come from some core customers (2) which platform are they likely to be on? This will be critical if you need to boost posts on Facebook (3) what’s the key problem you are solving for them? As this will influence what you say and offer to them. I’m assuming the marketing agency you use will be able to answer these questions and if not I would definitely be challenging them on the work.

    Good luck with your conversations.


    I used to work at Hootsuite and recommend that platform to manage your social media as they have pricing designed for SMBs. The website can be found at http://www.hootsuite.com


    Do you have any numbers you can use to help with your decision? How much of your business can you attribute to your website and online activities?

    Ideally you track everything – and therefore know when clicks/enquiries/orders originate from Facebook, an email mailout or anything else. This is all very doable but frequently overlooked! Then you can start to put hard numbers on these activites and decide what is and isn’t working (and do more of what is, and revise or drop what isn’t). So that may be a better way forward in the immediate to short term. Ask your service provider about Google Analytics (and setting it up properly to track key events/actions) and how to track inbound links using UTM codes.

    Re: “what are the best platforms we should be on” – it’s more of a case of where are your ideal customers hanging out. And that’s where you want to be 🙂

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