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Hello, thanks for creating this great site! I am looking at developing a book subscription box and hoping for some advice on a few areas: How can I become a registered bookseller and access wholesale markets? Is there an umbrella membership somewhere for small scale sellers?With this kind of product start up is it reasonable to create a site for pre orders to gauge demand? Thank you!Anna

Question submitted 01/06/20 @ 05:03pm
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  • Morena Anna – awesome, let me make sure I understand what you are doing, that you will create a service where you will sell collections of books? Right to your end point, it makes a lot of sense to pre-guage demand for a number of reasons, as that will give you confidence and/or clarity that you have something that people want – it may also help you when you look to access books at wholesale prices – as you can show your site and also your demand you have equipped.

    So – know your market, their needs and the best form is pre-orders – you start with a hypothesis around what you think maybe demanded/wanted and then you are doing to learn.

    So – think about supply of books at wholesale, I do not know where you access this – I would think however that there must be a publishing association / group or retailers group – see if you can talk to a book retailer to see how and where they access their books and then approach them for their supply list – they will want to know what your plan is, etc so be ready with your data.

    It maybe that you need to get going in a small way, and pay high wholesale prices before the wholesaler gives you more volume based pricing – even in a small way, if you are only on-line your costs may not be that high – you can get some momentum, learn and build up some sales which you can use to go back to get better pricing.

    But first, test with users that your idea is something that people want. Andy

    Morena Anna.
    Great feedback from Andy. I would add that it is notoriously hard to get people to tell you accurately when they want something new. They either under or over estimate how they will use the new product or service, so while some insight is better than none, some additional data points may be useful. For example have you seen this service in other markets? Can you approach some one offering something similar in another market and see if they would be prepared to share any insights about getting started and possible volumes? You will need to scale for NZ of course and also consider how much you can afford to invest in marketing your service to get started.

    You will also want to think through what is the specific value add that your subscription service will offer that buyers can’t get elsewhere?

    As a keen reader I’m keen to see where your idea goes! Vicky

    Morena Andy and Vicky,

    Thank you both so much for the feedback and advice, the concept is similar to food boxes here in NZ, but with books and bookish products. There are a few beauty and fitness type boxes around. I’ve not found any of the type I am envisaging here in NZ but they appear to do well in Australia, USA and UK, it’s a great idea to reach out to some of them for insights, I will do that. I have some ideas for value add, and really appreciate the nudge on a presale type site, that will give me confidence it’s worth doing or not. I’ll remember to share this with you Vicky when I have something ready to look at!

    Nga mihi

    AWesome Anna – go well; andy

    Still looking dear?

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