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Hello! This is quite a specific question and hoping someone may be able to shed some light or experience. Approximately a year ago our ‘Like’ button on our business Facebook page disappeared and was replaced with a ‘follow’ option. We have made several attempts to contact FB support to no avail – saying they cannot help. We have an excess of 10k likes so starting a new page would be detrimental to our business but equally we are finding growth on this platform difficult with customers less likely to follow the page and also running competitions doesn’t give us much page growth :/. Any assistance or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.FB page if interested: https://www.facebook.com/redpepperdesignz

Question submitted 23/07/20 @ 12:30pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
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    Hi there – I will see if I can get this answered – Andy


    Hi Jamie!

    I’m trying to get some further confirmation from Facebook but I ‘think’ they are testing completely replacing the like with the follow button across all pages.

    They often test things out on small groups of users first (and often in NZ) so you were probably part of the early test. I’ve just noticed that I now only have the option to follow pages and not like any. So either they’re testing to a wider group or it’s actually rolling out. I’ll report when I hear more.

    You definitely shouldn’t start again!

    You’ve done really well to build a following of 10K+. It an be hard to grow beyond that for a lot of businesses in NZ so I don’t think you need to focus on it. You’ve established yourself as having credibility and popularity which is a key reason why fans and followers are good to have, so the focus should now be on website traffic and sales.


    Thanks Claire! That’s really helpful. We are still just fielding a lot of questions from FB users about how to ‘like’ our page and was also just concerned from a visibility POV it doesnt ‘look’ like we are growing – if anything dropping a few likes naturally here and there (would hate to dip below the 10k milestone haha). But really appreciate your response. Also putting some focus on our Instagram following too. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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