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Hello, what do you suggest is the best way to increase your Instagram following in the nz food tourism sector? And the best way to direct those followers to your website?Thank you

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    There are plenty of really great IGTV videos over on the Manaaki Insta acct from people with really large followings I would suggest you check those out for starters. Having spoken to most of them personally success on Instagram comes down to really focusing in the early stages on building a community. That means connecting to your customers and really engaging with them and bringing them on your journey. So if you haven’t already I’d start with finding and connecting to every customer you’ve ever served. Then I’d look to connect to authentically to other people through their passion for food and travel. Look for popular accounts in your market and participate genuinely in discussion then as you build relationships introduce them to your own acct and services. If you focus on legit engagement when you ask for the sale through your instagram acct people will respond because they want to support you on your journey. Its far better to have 500 engaged followers than 5000 people following you for the follow back.


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    Thanks for your question.

    Some ways that I would recommend to increase Instagram followers for the NZ Food Tourism Sector and overall gains more traffic to your website is:

    – Hashtags
    – Creative Images
    – Influencers
    – Boosting Instagram Posts
    – Offers and Deals

    With hashtags, you have the ability to choose specific ones catered to the image and also the industry you are in e.g. #newzealand #tourism and more. Below is an article with some more information.

    5 Reasons Why Instagram Hashtags Are Important

    Having creative images really helps make your business stand out compared to others. The use of bold colours, different backdrops, and more can help your image stand out more which can gain you followers. If a certain post is performing better then you have the ability to boost posts on Instagram. You can select whatever budget you want and it will put your post out there meaning more people will see it and check out your Instagram Page and then to your website

    To draw more people in you could offer a specific deal or offer/giveaway e.g. $50 voucher and to enter they have to follow your account. This is a great and effective way to gain more followers and get more traffic to your website. You can also use influencers to broaden your audience and gain some of their followers. Influencers are great because you can find influencers that are more specific to your target market which will attract customers who are more likely to purchase from you rather than random followers.

    One more suggestion is the use of Instagram Highlights. I always recommend having a Reviews Highlight as people nowadays like social proof and reviews of items/products/services.

    Hope this helps, any questions don’t hesitate to contact me

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