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Hello. While in lockdown my partner and I have discover the need for an online business for the rural sector. We were wondering if we could please have some advice on how to set up our own website. Thanks so much

Question submitted 04/05/20 @ 10:28am
Industry: Start-ups
  • Hi – it depends on what you need it to do. If its simply for information you can use the likes of wordpress but it you need to do ecommerce you will need something like Wix or Shopify.The first key step is to get clear on your requirements. Rod

    Hi there – as Rod says, depends on what you are going to be selling, promoting – something easy, getting you up and running quickly, so that you can start experimenting – it is one thing to build a site, it is another to build the community around and bring them to the site – there is a lot of trickery in that – but at first, having a landing page, that you tell your people about – then build up your recommendations, word of mouth and start engaging in communities and referring them back to your site will begin the process – also check out the 1000 websites that we have underway which might worth – https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/

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