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HelloI am a dancing studio teaching Tap, Jazz and singing.  I mostly teach ‘one on one’ ie Me and one student.  I can observe the two metre distancing rule and have a plan to undertake regular cleaning, handwashing and a contact tracing system.  (I was actually doing this before the lockdown)  My studio is in my home, if Plumbers and Electricians can work in your home, then can I?  I also have small groups of 5-6 children at a time and can observe the 1 metre distance rule applicable to schools in alert level 3, can these classes run with the above cleaning procedures and contact tracing?  I have stopped all larger groups of 12-15 kids for now and assume they can not operate in level 3?The PM has not mentioned dancing studios at all.  And I would really appreciate some guidelines.Denise HendersonDUNEDIN

Question submitted 17/04/20 @ 04:13pm
Industry: Creative Services
  • HI Denise – check out the guidelines for Alert Level 3 here – https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-3/ From what I know, everyone at Level 4 was not permitted to operate unless an Essential Service. At Level 3 – think about it that ‘everyone is permitted to operate unless you cannot safely provide’ a safe environment – Andy

    Further update Denise – pretty sure level 3, you will not be able to operate sorry – that concept of staying in your bubble is critical, Andy

    Hi Denise, no I don’t believe you will not be able to operate face to face under levels 3 and 4, but are you offering online classes? Kids all around NZ are taking lessons online right now, we as parents still need you!

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