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Hello,My name is Linda and I design and create handmade clothing for Women and Children.I have a website which I am just about finished upgrading.  I have been selling my clothing at The Nelson Market for the last 6 years.On line selling and marketing is all very new for me even though I have had a website for a few years.My question is how can I up my online sales and get more followers?I have a Instagram and Facebook presence.  My website is ellabella.nzI look forward to hearing back from you.RegardsLinda Rainbow 

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    Hi there Linda, and well done on what you’ve achieved so far.
    I don’t have the “magic bullet” for you, but I do have a few suggestions:
    – have you tried paying small amounts to boost your posts on Facebook – it really does work, and you can create a highly targeted audience
    – more visual content of people actually wearing the clothing would help enormously to create engagements (and also to give people a sense of what type of bodyshapes and styles your clothing suits best)
    – I’m not sure that you’re doing yourself any favours leading with “womens” clothing… I would position the women’s skirts as being for the mum who think their daughter looks SO CUTE in the skirt that they want one for themselves (Mummy and Me type positioning)….
    – in my view your sweet spot is little girls clothing, and I’d focus on that… your stuff is super-cute, and you need to target mums with a similar aesthetic to yours (identify other brands that they may have liked or followed on Facebook to build an audience)
    – you need to get your engagement up in social media – maybe run some promotions which get people to post photos of their kids in your gear… have a “photo of the week” who gets a voucher or even a free accessory to match what they were wearing (maybe if you’re feeling generous, and the customer is keen, a matching mummy skirt)
    – realise this is not scaleable beyond your immediate geography, but have you thought about hosting little girls’ parties where they dress us in your clothes, eat fairy bread and have LOTS of photos taken for your social media?
    – On the website, I found it most disconcerting that every single colourway is listed as a separate product, without any curation – I’m not sure what platform you’re using (not a tech person myself), but is it possible to group them in colourways so I could click on a blue button to see all the blue-toned skirts, or a yellow button to see all the yellow ones…
    – your BUTTONS are amazing!!! I’m assuming from the price point that they are not hand-painted (if they are, you’re not charging enough) but oh my goodness, they are gorgeous – have you looked at supplying them to craft / quilting shops? have a look at what some of the speciality buttons are priced at – I reckon you could get $5 a button for the big round ones.
    Anyway, a random selection of thoughts … hope there’s something in there that’s useful.
    Good luck!


    HI Linda,
    Some great suggestions above and here are some further builds for me;
    – worth getting crystal clear on your target market and making sure that all your decisions are made to communicated directly to them in a way that is most appealing. What do you know about who buys (not just looks) from your experience already? What do they have in common? What are they looking for? If you can find a way to capture that insight you can be clear on who you are targeting with your advertising spend
    – It will also help you hone your creative message. What are your customers buying? The cute matching idea or leading with kids and then finding something for themselves. You can test different creative ideas and see which ones work the best.
    – Seek out some review and endorsements from happy customers and even ask them to be evangelists for your brand. Current customers could received a digital coupon or discount code to pass on to a friend.
    – And yes it is worth seeing if you could get a well known retailer to stock your products. They will also push to their customers, increasing your total footprint.
    – Have you tried using other platforms like Trademe? Could also be interesting to see what response you get
    Good luck!


    Hi Linda

    Congrats on getting online.

    We’re in a privileged position to see the results across thousands of businesses and for many online success comes from a continuous process of testing and learning. Don’t be disconcerted if the results are not as fast as you would like.

    We did a study of some of our most successful ecommerce clients and there were some common themes which we’ve covered off in a blog and video here: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/254/Ecommerce-secret-saucethe-9-simple-essentials-of-ecommerce-success/

    A few extra tips for your site:
    – Consider telling more of your story on your home and about page. In a world of vast choices online telling your own story can build more of a connection with potential customers browsing your site. Is there a link between the vibrancy of your colours and your cool surname?
    – Complete the SEO section of your dashboard to add title and description tags which is a way to tell Google what a page is about
    – Aim to bring more images of people into your site. Pictures of people will achieve higher engagement than just the product. Check out this blog: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/94/Picture-thishow-quality-images-make-for-a-better-website/
    – Consider Google Shopping. When I was running an online store we saw great results from Google Shopping ads. As the ads are visual ads people only tend to click if they like hat they see and the conversion was much better than text ads.
    – Consider adding a blog to your site and write some articles related to your core segments. Blogs help build community and really help with your search rankings. e.g. see https://www.zeenyaclothing.com/blog/

    I hope that helps. It’s a lot of work to be successful online but if you succeed you’ll be pleased you gave it a crack.

    Kind regards


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