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Hey! Firstly thank you so so much for providing this platform! :DAs an emerging artist, I have finally got the confidence and courage to showcase my artwork by looking into creating my very own website and jump into the world of business. I had a question regarding branding my “business”, are there any suggestions for finding a designer or business that could help with creating a personal logo if you are on a very tight budget?Thank you :)

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  • Hi there,

    If you’re on a super tight budget I’d recommend http://www.fiverr.com for very basic, entry level graphic design services. You will however get what you pay for but it should see you get off the ground at this early stage.

    All the best for your new venture.


    Hi there

    Another option is contacting your local design school. Media Design School in Auckland or Yoobee have campuses around the country, or a local polytechnic or university. The schools often do ‘live’ projects. You can fill in a form to apply, you just may need to wait for the right timing. If you build up a good relationship with the student you could carry on working together as they graduate, helping them build their portfolio – and helping you with new design work that is needed.

    Or another free option is to check out Canva.com. Find a theme you like and adapt it for your business.

    All the best!

    Congrats on two fronts. Firstly getting yourself online and secondly presenting yourself/art to the world.

    As an artist I wonder whether you need someone to design a logo for you? From my own experience you can spend a lot of time in visual identity without much gain and these things tend to evolve over time as we learn, develop, get feedback from our clients. It’s never fully formed!

    Since your artwork/brand is intrinsically you, what are you doing that you can already leverage? A couple of thoughts
    – If you paint, I would be curious to know how you sign off your artwork, or if it is sculpture how do you mark it so people know it is your work? Could that be your brand?
    – Is there a piece you have specifically created that you are proud of and is there an element you can borrow from that?
    – A final thought could be what does your signature look like?

    Good luck with your venture


    Hi there, really exciting that you’re ready to get out there! My advice would be to get something really simple to start with for your logo. Choose 3-5 brand colours that you use consistently across your website and remember that as an artist you ARE your brand and people want to hear from you. So let’s see a great picture of you on your website and plenty of interactive posts (videos) on social media. Your brand identity will grow and develop over time, there is no need to spend a ton on it now. A simple logo from Fiverr or from an up and coming designer will do for now.

    Congratulations – how exciting.

    In addition to developing your own brand and online presence, I would recommend looking at sites like https://www.artbureau.co.nz/for-artists which provide a central market-place for New Zealand artwork and help artists to expand their collector base. They will have an existing database and visitors to the website which may help you build your profile. Although dated, I came across this last year which a pal of mine referenced and found helpful http://www.creativenz.govt.nz/assets/ckeditor/attachments/86/smart-arts-low-res.pdf.

    Share your website with us when you go live.


    Also, http://www.davo.nz offers logo design work for small business at reasonable cost.

    Hi there,

    Awesome that you are putting yourself out there.I agree with Jason that a logo is probably less important than getting you art out into the wild and seen.

    Instagram is an amazing platform for artists to grow a community and I follow a number of NZ artists on there.
    Find artists with a similar style or other local artists start engaging with the art community.

    Showcase your art and the processes, and use stories to show progress on pieces. https://www.instagram.com/hannahjensenart/ does a great job of using stories to show the creation process behind the pieces..

    Use hashtags relating to your art- if you’re only selling in NZ keep them local but if you can ship overseas the worlds your oyster.

    It takes time to build up but if you’er consistent you’ll get there.

    Good luck!

    Just wanted to jump in to say congrats! That’s a big bold move and fantastic to back yourself! There has been so much wisdom shared on the other comments. So, only wanted to highlight one other opportunity in relation to the website. Manaaki has teamed up with Swiftly and they are providing 1000 free websites. Suggest you have a look at http://www.manaaki.io/websites. Good luck, go well. Woo hoo!

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