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Hey I am a business owner in the tourism space, and that is tough right now. However, I have access to 5 virus anti-fogging devices along with formula approved by EPA to kill viruses. How do you think I should market this in Auckland and the Upper North Island for hi-traffic and essential services businesses to get access to these services with our machines? Also, do you think I am an essential services business?

Question submitted 28/03/20 @ 10:01am
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Information about essential businesses here: https://covid19.govt.nz/government-actions/covid-19-alert-level/essential-businesses/

    Necessity is the mother of invention. If your business idea meets the government guidelines and you can execute, it’s a great way to pivot your business. Consider getting in touch with the big suppliers that are currently stocking essential retailers, as a distribution point for your new product.

    The government is looking for manufacturers of PPE – your product may included. The link to register was published by ManufacturingNZ yesterday – please register!


    Hi, firstly…. hopefully you are ok as I know the tourism space is particularly tough right now for obvious reasons. As regards your potential solution, I would firstly check in with the appropriate health authorities to ensure your solution is endorsed by those appropriate NZ health authorities. Maybe try the MoH first. From there I suspect you can also answer your question about being an essential service. If you can validate that then I think you would look to see what you can do from there. Should that be the case I am happy to continue to help you on how you might expand from there. Rod Snodgrass.

    Hi Rod,
    Yes I can confirm that the product is EPA and US Health Dept. approved both with the other X’x and Y’s we added (X&Y are food grade and approved also).

    Thank you Matt.

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