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Hey – so I am a food producer, and I have capacity to sell more in this time, and I think I could partner up with other food producers to get amazing ingredients (not cooked) to Kiwi’s via online delivery but I also realise that packaged boxes would be better – how can I partner with other Kiwi food producers to make this happen – I can see some people are doing this already – what would you advise me to do?

Question submitted 28/03/20 @ 08:37am
Industry: Food & Beverage
  • What kind of food producer are you.

    Have you reached out to potential participants that could be of interest yet?

    There are a lot of online options either established or being developed daily from My Food Bay to things like http://www.hypermeat.co.nz http://www.foodme.co.nz http://www.bidfood.co.nz. Bidfood traditionally a wholesaler to restaurants but have moved to online/consumer.

    Hypermeat want to expand their range wider than meat, perhaps get in touch if you have something of interest.

    Hi there – without knowing what type of producer you are, you might be interested in a new initiative which has just launched to support small NZ businesses in the artisan / farmers market space. Delivery to consumers. maker2u.com
    Go well

    The quickest route to market will be via the suggestions Stefan Lepionka – partner with a new food box offering and provide an adjacent product offering. If you have a strong brand, or branded goods you could try going direct to consumers, like Hallertau Brewery has – but this relies on your ability to market yourself to an audience that will buy single product orders.

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