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Hey there, My partners and I are in the very early stages of starting a Digital Marketing and Design Company, we are looking at providing our services to small business’s in New Zealand. There are 4 of us, with 2 of us being graduates in Marketing and Communications, 1 of us Graphic Designer with 4+ years experience and Myself a Diploma in Business Management and entrepreneur. We are needing help to create some momentum in the early stages of this start up and could do with some mentor ship. Would be happy with any help we can receive.Regards Stewart MacGregor    

Question submitted 06/08/20 @ 01:31pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
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    Hi Stewart, so good, well done and lots of aroha and maia for your business journey. Wishing you all the best. To get the most from Manaaki, it is an online and digital forum, posting questions (specific topics) and consuming content is what we provide to users/small business owners. Of course, some of the experts can chat offline if you want that and they are up for that – but it starts with sharing your questions here. There are a number of other options – you could try Business Mentors NZ and/or your local Regional Business Partner organisation. But suggest you start with asking some questions to the forum of experts! Good luck. Andy


    Stewart – Well done. You have an exciting journey ahead of you, filled with lots of ups and inevitable downs. Andy poses some really interesting points. In a service business, in the early days, it is really about networking and relationship building. Do you have an existing website that demonstrates your capabilities, and perhaps case studies from existing clients that would resonate with your target market? If you are the very beginning and don’t have this yet, you may want to consider offering your services on a complimentary basis for a few clients for a limited scope, in return for showcasing their work and having case studies for you to share. (Swiftly is a good example where they gave away 900 free websites to get them going, and now they are charging for new clients). Would be good to get clarity on the nature of the services you will offer, and the types of customers (ie industries, locations), etc. You can also see what is required to get certified to become a local Regional Business Partner. Keep networking, meeting people, talking about your business and building out your eco-system around you. Best wishes. It’s a tough journey but a super exciting one filled with heaps of rewards. Leslie

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