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Hi all – What funding is there available for a small, but fast growing business? I need to increase my cashflow for the short-term whilst waiting for payments to come through, and would like to keep investing in my business so I can keep on growing etc. I’m not really keen on loans that need to paid back (as nobody is, I guess!). Are there any options? I’m in the food manufacturing industry. I’m not eligible for the one grant that I have seen, that is for those who are currently on a benefit (I’m not).Any help appreciated! Thanks :)

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    Hi there – right now, the ‘only grants going’ other than what you have talked about (IRD cash flow loans, Bank loans) are Grants where you have R&D projects which Callaghan Innovation fund or Capability Grants for services/courses for you to attend which NZTE fund – yes there is opportunity for investment, but that is quite defined through angel investors who are looking for specific types of businesses which you may or may not fit.

    There are other aspects like ‘competitions’ or ‘awards’ – like SheEO or Local Community Awards through Rotary – and they are time based e.g. you need to be in the right place at the right time.

    What other options? Can you factor your Accounts Receivable? Could you use pay early services like https://www.relay.ai/ where you accept a discount to get paid early? You could just negotiate with your customers to get paid early and/or negotiate with suppliers for latter payment – I know that can be hard – but if they understand it is in their interest to support you and your growth?

    All the best – Andy


    Thank Andy –

    Yes I may have to talk to my customers and suppliers to negotiate payment terms. I will also have a look at relay.ai – that might be helpful.

    Thank you for the help! 🙂


    Hi @esjay

    Logan here – co-founder at Relay.

    One of the main things we help customers with is managing cashflow while they’re growing a business. It’s tough when your expenses are growing before the revenue arrives.

    At the moment we work mainly in the construction sector, but I’d love to have a chat about food manufacturing and see how if we can help. My email is logan@relay.ai

    Thanks for the mention @andyadmin

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