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Hi All!We have a small commercial storage business and are currently very paper based.Looking to use tech (i.e. inventory management and barcoding for tracking movements) to improve our service for our customers.Unsure where to start or which service providers can help.Any advice welcome! :)

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    Firstly, good on ya for reaching out… You’re not alone.

    Xero has a vibrant community of partners that can support your business with cost effective cloud based services like these.  May I suggest that you have a look around on their blog for ideas to get started: https://www.xero.com/nz/resources/small-business-guides/business-management/inventory-management/

    Thanks for sharing. However, we are concerned this product is focused on retail inventory management.

    For example, would it be able to show how many goods are stored by an individual customer at a given time? As we are not selling any items directly.

    Worth speaking to Dominic at StockTrim dom.sutton@stocktrim.com – They are a New Zealand based inventory management SaaS platform, If their platform is not right for you I’m sure he will know what is available.

    Thanks Richard, have sent through an email.

    Hi there – how is the ‘hunt’ going – maybe you need like a Digital Guide to sit down with you – to help work through the options – where are you based? Andy

    I am happy to schedule a call with you to discuss your requirements in more detail and then investigate options for you. We are currently working with another client on inventory tracking and barcodes.

    Please contact me at heather@greenmouseconsulting.com or call me at 021 682 002 if you think I can help.



    This is an NZ company and doing some very cool work… https://www.cin7.com/

    You might want to consider building a basic solution yourself as well. Customised solutions are very achievable nowadays and fit to your business processes is 100%. Happy to chat if you want to consider – bruce@puttiapps.com



    A simple but big question question. There are many good digital products but I would suggest to first start from a business planning view point. What is you business doing now, how does digital complement this and what are your goals.

    Think holistically about digital, the content round it and from a custom perspective what do you want to achieve/experience.

    Happy to discuss over a zoom/teams. glen.willoughby@nilo.net

    All the best. Glen

    Hi, happy to help you investigate any online services you find interesting, review any & all features, pros & cons and whether does it match what your looking for. You might find there are 4-5 services that you like but which one really caters to your needs.

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